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The Kill-Off (1989)

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What is the The Kill-Off movie about?... The film is set in a small coastal community in New Jersey where the only action in town is a nightclub called The Pavilion. The owner, Pete (played by Jackson Sims), can barely make the payroll so in an effort to bring in more business, he hires a sultry stripper named Danny Lee (Cathy Haase). Danny Lee's act soon turns the head of Ralph, which is not good news for his bed-ridden wife Luanne (Loretta Gross). Luanne's nasty talent is her gift for gossip, and when she begins to suspect that Ralph has adultery on his mind, she starts spreading more ugly rumors that have just enough basis in fact to stick. Soon things spin out of control and a wave of violence begins.. To watch The Kill-Off you can use service like netflix, pay per view, emule and torrent. The Kill-Off is a 1989 movie.


Jim Thompson and Maggie Greenwald


Maggie Greenwald


William Russell , Jorja Fox and Steve Monroe