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Love on the Side (2004)

Synopsis - Information:

What is the Love on the Side movie about?... Small town waitress Eve Stuckley is stuck. She has spent years pining for testosterone saturate local hunk Jeff Sweeney and yearns to escape from the Hog-Chow Diner she runs. Just when Eve finally decides to pursue her man, drop dead gorgeous Linda Avery blows into town on the hottest day of the year. The heat wave is nothing in comparison with the heat that's on as Jeff and Eve's dimwitted brother Chuck decide to face off for Linda's affections. It's a priceless contest: Linda wants Eve. Eve's confidante Alma Kerns is a sex expert trained by mortician beau Red Bishop. She encourages Eve to use Linda's interest in her to win Jeff's affection but the situation becomes even more complicated when Linda advises Jeff she prefers Eve. Now determined to "save" Eve, the narcissistically injured Jeff elicits Chuck's aid but Chuck, thinking it's part of the game, refuses to believe him. Ultimately, Jeff and Linda square off over Eve's future.... To watch Love on the Side you can use service like netflix, pay per view, emule and torrent. Love on the Side is a 2004 movie.


Brigitte Talevski


Vic Sarin


Marla Sokoloff , Jennifer Tilly and Dave Thomas